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Some infrastructure hosts showing environment as "UNDEF"


Hello, I am seeing some of our hosts have the Environment label as “UNDEF”. I assume this means undefined. Why is this happening and how can I resolve it? The majority of our hosts are categorized by the correct Environment. Thank you!



Hi @Katherine.Eudy - I am assuming that this is a label being set in the yaml config file for the infrastructure agent. Have you checked the config file for those that have UNDEF? If you are using Environment variables then check those instead.


Hi @stefan_garnham, Appreciate the feedback. I am not administering our server configurations. Is there documentation I can reference to direct our system admins on how to fix this?


Sure, there is the top level document page on configuring the infrastructure agent. They may need to dig around for the specific configuration that has been implemented :slight_smile:


Thank you for your time! I have reviewed the documentation and provided the info to our sys admin team so we can get the hosts labeled correctly.