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SQL Dead lock Monitoring



I am looking here to get bit information how to track MS SQL DEADLOCKS,QUERY WAIT STATE,IO,DB growth,Connections Established.

Find deadlocks from new relic

@vijam the current MS SQL plugin from New Relic offers connection information in the Overview and Network dashboards. We also display Wait States in the Wait States tab. I don’t see that we’re gathering the other statistics you mentioned. You are welcome to fork our GitHub repo, make changes and run the software as an un-published plugin. Just be sure to change the GUID as described here.


Can this be done out of the box or only by using SQL plugins?

What other important items can be alerted on for SQL?


Hi, @reopelle.scott: Wow, this is an old thread! Plugins are deprecated; Infrastructure integrations are the future. Please take a look at the MSSQL on-host integration to see what data it returns.