Suggestion to change a bit "Invocation details" page for aws lambda functions

I suggest introducing minor changes to the “Invocation details” page for AWS lambda functions. Namely, timeout for AWS lambda is shown as a predefined value 300,000ms. However, this value is outdated and now the timeout is 900,000ms.

Moreover, this value has no much sense when the event source for lambda invocation is API Gateway. In such a case the timeout is 30,000ms. Please consider the possibility to make this value configurable.

Thank you

Hi, this timeout number is generated based on the configuration details of each Lambda function. If you configure the function to have a timeout of 900,000ms it will display as such.

My lambda really has timeout equal to 5 min.

Hi @aandrusyk,

What happens if you change your Lambda function timeout to 15 minutes? I’m curious to see if that changes the value displayed in the UI.

I’ve seen some invocation detail pages with timeouts set to 30,000 ms (0.5 minutes), and I’ve seen many set to 300,000 ms (5 minutes). So I believe it can be changed in the Lambda function settings in the AWS Lambda console, though it must be outdated information since it still lists the max as 900 seconds (5 minutes).

Hi @kmullaney
I changed lambda timeout to 15min (900,000ms) but still see the value 300,000ms on the “Invocation details” page.

Of course I changed timeout first and then called Lambda function.

Now Invocation details page show correct lambda timeout value 900,000ms. So, everything works as expected.

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Thanks for the follow up @aandrusyk It may have taken a while for that detail to sync over. Glad it’s working for you now though :smiley: