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Switching to CPM



Hello, we’re working on moving to the CPM for our monitors. The person I’m working with in our infrastructure group told me that he’s got the CPM installed, but that it powers itself off when it is powered on. He’s using VMware Integrated Containers and has tried using our location key in the environment variables.

Can you please advise?

Thank you



The CPM goes through a couple of health checks on start up to verify a working configuration and that it can reach our api endpoint (horde). If any of these checks fail, the minion will self exit. To get a better idea of what error the CPM is encountering or what requirement is not being met, we will want to review the minion logs. You can do this with the command docker logs <container-id>

Even better is launching the container with DEBUG level logging by passing the environment variable -e MINION_LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG. Feel free to share the error here for our review.


He said the container stops right away and there are no logs


That certainly doesn’t sound right - I’m going to get you into a private support ticket to dig a little deeper. Please do post back here with the results of that ticket. I along with others here would be eager to hear the resolution you come to in the ticket.