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Synthetic script fails to identify object


Synthetics Question Template

I’ve had no luck identifying the object via id, xpath, or classname- or any nearby object.
Research into the issue shows that it’s like related to the iframe the object is located in.
However, trying to switch iframes doesn’t seem to worth either.
The following snippet works in another script, but not this one
Working code:
//Switch to iframe
.then(function() { return $browser.sleep(3000); })
return $browser.findElement($‘ptifrmtgtframe’)) //Find iframe
}).then(function(iframe) {
return $browser.switchTo().frame(iframe); //switch to iframe

//Switch to iframe
.then(function() { return $browser.sleep(3000); })
return $browser.findElement($‘ID_3828536612367975961’)) //Find iframe
}).then(function(iframe) {
return $browser.switchTo().frame(iframe); //switch to iframe

Switching it to a generic iframe ID does not yield results either.
The iframe ID was identified by identifying the object in question via the inspect function for chrome developer tools, and then scrolling up to find the name for the parent iframe.

Is there a code snippe to force new relic to find names for all potential iframes? Or simply create an array of iframe to step through?


Does your search from developer tools yield only 1 result?

This is what I use (where ‘Frame’ is the name I get from developer tools):

//step 1
.then(function() {
  log(1, 'Find Logout Frame');
  return $browser.waitForAndFindElement(By.xpath('//frame[@name="Frame"]'), StepTimeout) 

//step 2
.then(function(el) {
  log(2, 'Switch to Logout Frame');
	return $browser.switchTo().frame(el);


Hey there @johrice -

Just wondering if you had a chance to take a look at @monitoringLife’s idea and if that got you pointed in the right direction. We would love to know if and how you got this figured out.