Synthetics and Statuspage system metrics integration


I’m trying to integrate a New Relic One Synthetic monitor (ping) with Statuspage, which offers an integration for the v1 API. I created the monitor itself, and it is working as expected, but I cannot find a way to connect it to Statuspage. In Your page → System metrics → New Relic, when I click on Link Account, I cannot get it working with either an API key from the New Relic One API keys page (I tried all types), nor with the API key from
The error message is “Remote validation of your credentials failed, or you have no applications associated with your account”. What does no applications associated mean here? Does it mean I can’t just use a simple Synthetic monitor as a data source? If not, what are the steps for creating a so-called application so I can send response times to Statuspage?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @rudi2, can you clarify if this is the integration you’re referring to?

I’m having this same issue.

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Hi @johnny1 - Can you confirm that you are using the integration that @jeffrey_s posted above?

If that’s the case - we’ll need you to work with Atlassian on the issue. They created that integration, so we don’t have visibility into how it is supposed to work.

If you are using another method, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you!

I do want to add that it seems as though their documentation is out-of-date when it comes to finding the REST API key. You can find updated steps here:

Of note, because this integration uses the v1 API, you can only use the REST API key. I would not expect other types of keys to work, and likewise I would not expect this to work with Synthetics monitors (only APM applications).

Has anyone been able to resolve this. I have my synthetic scripts running on NewRelic and would like to expose this data on StatusPage but cant find a way to do it.