Synthetics Location Status with the API?

I have read the Synthetics API and can only find admin endpoints. Are there in fact a way to get the results?

Specifically, I am interested in getting the location status results as JSON.

Hi @seeminglee,

Thanks for reaching out! Based on what you’re saying, I believe this might be a feature idea. That said, I’d like to get a bit more information about your specific use case here.

In terms of your specific approach, are you looking for a solution where you could run a GET request that returns a list of monitors attached to a certain location + their statuses? Are you just hoping to run a GET request towards a specific location to get a sense of whether it’s up or down?

Let me know and I’ll do my best to get this moving in the right direction!

Pardon the late reply.

I would like to display a system status page (both for internal and external use). So a GET request that returns status / last failed status would be useful.

The data will then be used to drive status pages in a similar manner like these:

I’m sure that you are familiar with them.


Sounds like you’re trying to query the results of your existing synthetics monitors.

The Synthetics API is there for managing monitors - not for reading results data.

With that said - you can grab results by using our query API - see docs here:

Then you can query something along the lines of:

SELECT latest(result) FROM SyntheticCheck WHERE monitorName = 'My Monitor' SINCE 30 MINUTES AGO LIMIT MAX

Alternatively you can query the latest results and get a full list of all monitors running:

SELECT latest(result) FROM SyntheticCheck SINCE 30 MINUTES AGO FACET monitorName LIMIT MAX
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