Systemd logs not showing up when using New Relic’s Infrastructure Agent on Ubuntu


I am trying to forward log information from systemd but getting the following error:

newrelic-infra-service[865]: time=“2020-12-10T16:22:12Z” level=warning msg="[input:systemd:systemd.0] seek_cursor failed" component=integrations.Supervisor output=stderr process=log-forwarder

I have followed documentation and used /etc/newrelic-infra/logging.d/systemd.yml.example as the base for my configuration:

  - name: systemd-cups
    systemd: cupsd

Infrastructure agent version is 1.13.2 running on Ubuntu 18.04

I would kindly appreciate any help

Thanks in advance

Hi @vneves, Have you had a chance to look at the troubleshooting steps mentioned here- Troubleshoot log forwarding

The log snippet you’ve sent only shows a warning message. To look for errors, you’ll have to look for level=error in the logs.
Also make sure the agent is running in root mode