"There was an error while creating your API key" setting up Azure Integration in Logs

I’m getting the following error when trying to set up a connection to add an Azure Event Hub service as a Log source:

in my browser’s network log i see the following request to graphql:
{“query”:“mutation LoggingCreateApiKey($accountId: Int, $name: String, $notes: String) { apiAccessCreateKeys(keys: {ingest: {accountId: $accountId, ingestType: LICENSE, name: $name, notes: $notes}}) { createdKeys { key id __typename } errors { message … on ApiAccessIngestKeyError { id errorType __typename } __typename } __typename } }”,“variables”:{“name”:“Microsoft Azure Logging API Key”,“notes”:“Automatically created by Logging setup”}}

With this error as a response:
“errors”: [
“locations”: [
“column”: 100,
“line”: 1
“message”: “Argument “keys” has invalid value {ingest: {accountId: $accountId, ingestType: LICENSE, name: $name, notes: $notes}}.\nIn field “ingest”: Expected type “[ApiAccessCreateIngestKeyInput]”, found {accountId: $accountId, ingestType: LICENSE, name: $name, notes: $notes}.\nIn element #1: Expected type “ApiAccessCreateIngestKeyInput”, found {accountId: $accountId, ingestType: LICENSE, name: $name, notes: $notes}.\nIn field “accountId”: Expected type “Int!”, found $accountId.”

Hi @chris221

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are we.

This is slightly tricky as the error isnt highlighting any clear reason for this failure. Can ask you to try creating this while using a different browser, I would even advise trying a incognito browser. To ensure its not a chache issue.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hello @dcody ,

I am experiencing the same problem when trying to use either Event Hub or Blob Storage as log sources.

I have tried to perform the setup in Firefox, Chrome and Opera GX both in normal and incognito mode.
I also noticed that I do not see what the guide here says I should see.
This guide states that when I press the "Microsoft Azure Event Hub"button that I should first select the account that I want to send the logs to. However I do not get this screen and am instead directly send to the screen in the image above.
I am using the free subscription so my theory is that this step is skipped because I can only have one account.
However, the step after the Generate API key button is also different from what I am seeing. This step states that I should press the “Deploy to Azure” button, but as you can see on my screen this button is not there either. My guess would be that this button would become available after the API key is generated, but I would find this strange since the description states this is only a recommended step and not a required one.

Thanks in advance for you reply.

Kind regard,
Ewout Goet

Hi @S1107195

Thanks for bringing this to out attention also.

I will also loop this in with the engineer team. They are currently working on this, and will provide an update here once they have any update.

Should you have any updates, fixes or questions please do reach out.