Track network usage for my app


Can the Android SDK help me understand mobile data usage for my app?

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For example:
Average app usage for November-2021: → 50 MB → 100 MB → 20 MB


Hey @arturo2

The Android agent captures bytesSent and bytesReceived for Http Requests.

On the Http Requests page in New Relic One, you can set the Group by filter to bytesSent or bytesReceived, or the Sort by filter to Transfer size to combine the two values when reviewing your request data.

Or using NRQL queries:

SELECT (sum(bytesReceived) + sum(bytesSent)) as ‘Total Usage’ FROM 
MobileRequest WHERE requestDomain = ''
SELECT sum(bytesSent), sum(bytesReceived) FROM MobileRequest ...

I’ll also link you to the data dictionary that will outline everything captured for the MobileRequest event type: New Relic data dictionary | New Relic Documentation


Awesome @dmurray !

How much does it cost to add the Android app to APM?
It the cost only affected by the data sent to New Relic?


Cost is based on usage; 100 GBs per month is free. $0.25 per GB ingested above that. Here are some links to additional info on different subscription options:

Hope this helps!

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