Unable to choose/see Kafka metrics

Hi, I have set up a Kafka integration, but seems like I can’t see the Kafka event types.

Infrastructure->Hosts show the following:
ProcessesSample (not enabled, ok)
DockerContainerSample (not enabled, ok)

Should there be charts for KafkaBrokerSample and KafkaTopicSample as well? There is nothing to be found under Third-party services either.

When trying to create a dashboard, I do not get the option of choosing metrics from the above mentioned samples.

Dashboard->Data Explorer->Data types (have choosen both events and metrics)->search for e.g. “broker.bytesWrittenToTopicPerSecond”-> no results found.

I have attached the kafka-config.yml.

What am I doing wrong?

@silje.hennum Glad you joined our community :slight_smile: Sorry you’ve been waiting awhile for a response. Kafka sometimes one of those tricky areas… I’m going to reach out to our support team to see if someone can help you with this. Thanks for your patience!


Hi @silje,

I would generate a set of verbose logs from the infra agent to see what may be going on with the integration.