Unable to deploy to kubernetes after helm installing newrelic-bundle

I’m unable to launch multiple replicasets after installing the newrelic-bundle to log metrics from kubernetes.

We’re using helm 3 and the command I used to install within my cluster is as follows:

helm install newrelic-bundle newrelic/nri-bundle \
 --set global.licenseKey=[FILTERED] \
 --set global.cluster=prod \
 --namespace=new-relic \
 --set newrelic-infrastructure.privileged=true \
 --set ksm.enabled=true \
 --set prometheus.enabled=true \
 --set kubeEvents.enabled=true \
 --set logging.enabled=true

The error that I was receiving was:

Warning  FailedCreate  3s (x20 over 18m)  replicaset-controller  Error creating: Timeout: request did not complete within requested timeout

Please advise on how to get more information or how to fix.

Hi Kyle,

Could check your deployments have access to their charts, init containers are completing and operators are finishing?

You could also try increasing the timeout of the replication using --timeout 300s just to see if it’s taking a little bit longer than the default?