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Unable to find Alert thresholds page


I am following this link:

It mentions Alert thresholds page. But I couldn’t see any such page for my project.

What am I missing?Or newrelic documentation mostly sucks?


Hey @manish.ghildiyal - it looks like you found a very old blog post (that one is from 2012 :scream:)

That relates to our old alerts feature - which is now deprecated. When looking at Thresholds in the newer Alerts feature, you can look to the alert policies page, and open one of those policies up to see it’s thresholds.

Just put your Account ID in the URL below to see your policies.{your_account_id}/policies


I actually want to set alert policies for one of my several projects which is already configured on

I don’t see any links/buttons etc on project page to do so.

On ‘alert_conditions’ page, I get message:

‘MY_PROJECT’ does not have alert settings configured

Contact your account administrator to configure alert settings


Hey @manish.ghildiyal - sounds like you have no policies/thresholds set up yet.

Note that you need to have either the Admin role, or Alerts Manager role in order to add/edit alert conditions. It may be the case that you need to reach out to an admin to help with that.

If you do have access to add/edit alerts, then you can go to{your_account_id} to get started creating some thresholds.

I recommend reading our Alerting docs:

And also check out our Alerts best practices guide and quiz here in the community: