Unable to Query Data from Insights in Monitor

Working on my script which queries data from my test endpoint and pushes it to the EDB. As of now, the issue isn’t in pushing the data, which it does when I run the script, but in querying the data. Since it’s posting events to the EDB, but unable to post due to there not being any events.

Generally you want the monitor to wait a few minutes after creating to have events to generate. So I thought the issue would be in querying the data, but I’ve got the right insights key, and I know that because my curl command works on the API Insights Key page.

So why am I running into this issue where I am unable to query data and my EDB is empty?

Does your script record the response codes from the Query API? Knowing how the API is responding to the query could give you a good idea of why the queries aren’t returning any data. If you’re seeing 2xx responses, but not getting any data, the NRQL query may be invalid or returning an empty data set. If you’re seeing 4xx responses you may be running into rate limiting.