Understanding why baseline alert did not fire

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Yesterday we experienced poor web response time for about 30 minutes. I have a baseline alert policy set up to fire whenever we deviate from our baseline for more than 10 minutes but I received no alert.

  • Please describe what are you seeing:
    Here is our alert policy:

During that time period, this is what I see from insights:

  • How does this differ from what were you expecting to see?

I would have expected to have an alert fire in this situation.

  • If you aren’t seeing expected alert or data, please provide a link to the incident or violation (policy, condition, data app etc.)

Here is a link to the alert policy: https://alerts.newrelic.com/accounts/762721/policies/571369

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Hi @Karl11!

Baseline Alerts can be a bit tricky to get dialed in. They require lots of varying data points and a data stream that has been around for about a week in order to function properly.

One thing I see in the preview graph in your screenshot is that the data hugs a tight line. This indicates that this may not be a good candidate for a Baseline alert condition. When a baseline hugs any value, it will cause the baseline prediction to narrow down to that value and cause unwanted results. I would recommend checking out the amazing community post put together by one of our Relic Technical Support Engineers below for more information on Baseline alert use cases.

Relic Solution: When to Use (and when not to use) Baseline Alerting

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