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Unity SDK update?



It is an old version too. so I hope update Unity SDK.


Hey @wzplatform

Thanks for getting in touch! Can you confirm what version of the Plugin you’re on? You can see our most recent version here: Make sure that as you’re updating the plugin you’re updating the Agent as well.



I hope that the current version of Unity SDK will use the latest version of the agent.

Now, Unity Latest Plugin SDK 1.2.0 (Updated Unity plugin to iOS Agent 5.9.0 and Android Agent 5.9.0)

Latest Agent version

  • Android Agent : v5.21.2
  • iOS Agent : 6.4.1


Hi @wzplatform

You’re correct, our most recent version of the Unity plugin isn’t as up-to-date as our Agents. I’d be happy to pass this feedback along to our engineering team, however, I cannot speak to when we will be making updates to this plugin.