Update on New Relic .NET Core support

@rchung - Sorry you’re disappointed about lack of a date. My intention with transparently telling you the phases is so you can see our progress via release notes. I get your perspective: words are wind. There’s nothing we can do but stay heads down on getting support out for .NET Core to earn your business.

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Will New Relic support ASP.NET Core before it supports .NET Core? We have ASP.NET Core running on the Desktop CLR. I don’t see why New Relic couldn’t instrument that easily.

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This announcement would have been welcome a year ago. Given the imminent RTM of Visual Studio 2017, we should be seeing a release candidate for Phase 2 - not learning that it hasn’t even been started.

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What about Nano Server? Will New Relic be installable there? Nano Server only supports .NET Core, so you would need to rethink bundling .NET Core and .NET Framework support together.

I understand your reluctance to provide dates. However surely you can say “Not be before date X”.

For example, “we don’t expect Phase 2 to be released before July 2017”. It makes no commitment that if broken would result in people being disapointed. But it does give your customers more information on which to plan.

We have .NET Core applications that are pending instrumentation. No venting here, just adding to the list of apps waiting for support.

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Hello guys,
do you have any information about the .Net Agent Api on the .NET Core 1.1?
We have to implement on the linux machine
Thank you

Guys, do you really will wait release of .Net Core 2.0? By MS plans it is Q3’17, more and more enterprise .net platforms shifting to .Net Core especially after VS’2017 release, so now we all should wait NR to support our monitoring and custom events?

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Yup - you are going to have to wait, @h0use! We can only ask for your patience at this point as we hustle to make the best darn option on the market for your .NET Core monitoring.

These things go a lot faster with your input so please make sure you fill out this survey. << You too, @a.vasapollo! Thanks!

any more update on this being released -

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Bump. Any updates on this front?

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I just wanted to update this thread that we’re now opening up the Beta for the .NET Core 2.0 Agent on Windows. You can read more about it here.


I was wondering if there is any other updates on a potential release date for .NET Core NewRelic agent on Linux. Our company uses NewRelic for all our other services and I need to know whether or not I need to find an alternative APM for our .NET Core services.

We have the .NET Core 2.0 Agent for Linux available now as an Open Beta. There are two forms to get onto the Open Beta, one company wide form that your company only needs to use once to be approved for using New Relic pre-releases and a second to get onto the open beta (Update 10/24: Thank you for your interest in the .NET Core Beta, we have reached the maximum capacity and our team is now processing the feedback we’ve received in final preparation for the GA). We’ve gotten some great feedback so far from our Beta customers and are working hard to build and include some of the feedback into our agent before the GA of our Core 2.0 capabilities.

Great! I’m glad to hear this! I’ve already filled out those forms so hopefully I’ll be pulled into the beta program.

Thanks for the response.


I am developing a .NET Core 2 application and was planning on adding New Relic monitoring to it because we already use it for our other .Net applications (older versions). I just found out that you don’t support it yet officially and seeing as it’s already a month since you closed access to the Beta version, I was just wondering if there’s any updates regarding the official release?

I understand from the previous comments here about your reluctancy to revealing any dates but if you could give any general idea about the release I would greatly appreciate it.

For example if it can be expected this year or not?

Thanks in advance!

As per the previous poster, we have some new .Net Core apps recently released into production. The rest of our app portfolio is on New Relic so we have held out for New Relic Core support thus far, however we are in urgent need of monitoring for our new apps. Please can you provide an update so that we can make our plans?

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I am replying to you because I was waiting for an answer to this thread as well but out of curiosity I started to look around this forum today and I found out that a new .Net agent with Core support was released 5 days ago:


So if you didn’t know and you were waiting for a reply in this thread, then you’ll get this update now :slight_smile:

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Just a heads up, .NET Core 2.0 instrumentation is now GA. Read more about the release.

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