Urgent : How to install New Relic on Windows for all apps monitoring

Hi Team,

Need urgent assistance in how to install New Relic on Windows for all apps monitoring for windows machine.

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Hello Arunima.

Thank you so much for reaching out to the community for support.

Can you let me know the language of the underlying application you are trying to install New Relic for?

Hi @captivateprime15

Welcome to the community, congrats on your first post.

Please note I have removed the contact number left on this post, for the protection of your privacy. Also please note the community Explorers Hub doesn’t offer support via phone call.

In order to help here can confirm what exactly you are trying to install, is it an agent, browser monitor for example. I would suggest considering including the following when ever posting in the community;

  1. What do I want to achieve.
  2. What blocker am I facing.
  3. Is there a screenshot or permalink that I can share

Guessing by the category you selected for this post, its an infrastructure agent. Please follow our docs here for assistance of I am correct Install the infrastructure agent | New Relic Documentation.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi @captivateprime15

As the guys have already said - welcome to the community!!

To install the Infra Agent on a Windows server, follow this doc:

Alternatively, you can install an agent specific to the language your applications are written in. As detailed in this doc:

Go agent
Java agent
.NET agent
Node.js agent
PHP agent
Python agent
Ruby agent

So, to progress beyond this, you need to consider the question @adahale posted. Hope this helps.