Use AWS Cloudwatch Custom namespace metrics

I am using Cloud watch custom agent to fetch EC2 memory and EBS disk size metrics. How can i fetch these Cloud watch custom metrics on NewRelic

Hi @jayaram.kasangottu

The EBS Cloud integration can gather metrics on your volume size. For gathering memory metrics from your EC2 instance, I would recommend installing the Infrastructure agent and enabling the EC2 Cloud integration.

Hi @sellefson, EBS Cloud integration does not provide metrics about the volume size and it seems like Infrastructure agent is the only way to get Custom Metrics out of EC2 and attached EBS.

Hi @jayaram.kasangottu the EBS integration should collect the following Volume Metrics directly from CloudWatch. Is it the case that you are not seeing these metrics reporting correctly with the Integration or that you are using a different setup, you mentioned using the CloudWatch agent to fetch metrics, could you provide more detail on your setup? :slight_smile:

hi @rdouglas, after setting up the dashboards and alerts for few of the EC2 instances i realised that there is no straight way to fetch metrics related to Memory and Disk Space utilisation. I have setup Cloudwatch agents on my EC2 instances which capture the required metrics under a CustomNamespace on Cloud watch Metrics. Now the question is, is there a way i can ship these custom namespace metrics to New Relic (apart from having to install a NR agent on EC2) ?


Hi @jayaram.kasangottu

I don’t believe we have a Cloud integration yet that can pull custom metrics from CloudWatch; this would be a great thread to post in Feature Ideas.

However, if you’re able to pull those metrics down elsewhere, you can always try sending them directly to New Relic’s Metric API.