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Using attributes from two different tables



I saw this NRQL in a post and I woulid to check if it really works. For me is new the idea to use two attributes from different tables.

Can any one confirm is it really works?

SELECT apdex(PageView.duration, 5.0) as ‘Browser Apdex’, apdex(Transaction.duration, 1.0 ) as ‘Backend Apdex’ from PageView, Transaction since 24 hours ago timeseries AUTO


Hi @Renato.Malvino - Aside from changing the quotes around the alias text, I got this to run by a straight copy and paste into Insights.


Similar to Stefan, in my testing this worked fine - but I have never seen Transaction.duration as a way to target specifically Transactions duration attribute when querying multiple event types.

I’ve asked some teams internally if this is new, or if this is an actually supported & accurate way to target what it is you are trying to target. I’ll follow up when I hear back. But for now, since this appears to work ok, I imagine this is totally fine to keep using.


The update I have is that EventName.Attribute is accurate, and totally fine to use, it’s just not well known (internally too since I hadn’t heard of it).


It would be great to have the documentation updated to reflect this, assuming it works for all event types :wink:


I’m not sure where best this lives in the docs - but I’ll ask the team to get it added.