Using AWS resource tags to filter metrics on NR One Dashboard widgets


Is it possible to use AWS resource tags to filter metrics on Dashboards?

I would like to add a chart widget to a dashboard that is filtered by an AWS tag ( e.g. Environment: staging ). It looks like I can narrow the results based on a limited number of attributes like CacheClusterName.

@devops333 Welcome to the community :slight_smile: I’m not sure about your particular case and will get our support team to review further.

There was an accepted Feature Idea similar to your request. Our product team is currently working on it: Feature Idea: Include Resource Tags on AWS ElastiCache Streaming Metrics

Hello! Could you send a link to the query you are running with the CacheClusterName used a a filter? This will help clarify if filtering on AWS resource tags is available, or if this is a feature request.