View pages listed by number of hits received for an SPA

The application is deployed using copy/paste and is an SPA

The available statistics, say Page Views, covers only the performance related information. But what if we are also interested in knowing the pages, browsers and geos by number of hits - to know the order of popularity among our users?

  • How can we look at the stats where the page views are listed and sorted by number of hits received? So that we know which sections of the app are being used frequently.

  • Where to look for in order to know which browsers are more popular with the app users? What is the percentage usage of various browsers and OS among the users?

  • How to know which countries are bringing in most of the traffic to the app?

Hi @kumarbhot - Sounds like you need some Insights dashboards. You may find the NRQL for some of these in the NRQL Library.

Many thanks. We’ve already done that but were hoping that NewRelic might have this statistics in-built. Looks like what you mentioned is the only way to get it.

Hi, @kumarbhot: You may sort the Page Views, Browsers, and Geo pages by Throughput to see which pages, browsers, and countries are generating the most traffic:

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