Violations in dashboard's graphs


I wonder how to get violations with the coloring, hovering, etc. visible in a graph, like the APM overview has, in a dashboard.

Secondly when you’ve created an alert condition via the dashboard’s graph how to connect that with each other/make that visible in the graph?

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Im not 100% sure im following you here, in the Alerts section the has colour coded already. Can you provide a link to where its not appearing this for you.

Also for the followup question you had, what are trying to link the alert to ? as the alert will only appear when its condition is met/violated, and it will appear in the alerts dashboard section.

Any extra clarity and context would be appreciated. Also feel free to have a look at our Alert docs;

  1. Create NRQL alert conditions | New Relic Documentation

  2. Create conditions | New Relic Documentation

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Hi @dcody,

Thanks for the prompt answer.

What I meant is perhaps better explainable by what I want → Create alerts | Grafana documentation

Grafana has the alert tight to the dashboard graph. It makes it visible what the threshold is (heart icon and line), when the threshold is met (red) and when it is below the threshold again (green). Is this possible? If so how?

I did see something alike in the APM overview dashboard of a service (vertical lines in the graphs with hovers).

Hi @kalle2

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Hum this is a little out of my scope, however I will loop in the a dashboards expert here to help.

Please note they will reach out via this post with their findings. Should you have any questions or updates, please do reach out.

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Hi @kalle2 - Welcome to the community. You can add a line to your graph indicating your threshold by adding a comma and value after your SELECT clause like the below example. This will include a line in your graph. However, there is currently no way to implement shading to this which would be a feature request.

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