Was there a change on Monday metrics?


Since a few weeks the “number of page views” from the Monday metrics email looks like it’s computed differently. It went down from 40k per week to 6k on our application. This can not be entirely related to covid decrease on our workload, especially since the last 2 weeks.

When I compare with google analytics stats, the number given by Monday metrics is now quite similar to the “number of sessions” whereas before it was similar to the number “page views”, which is what I expected it to be.

Thanks for your feedback on this.

Hi @cfaure -

I haven’t heard of any changes to that weekly monday metrics email… I receive these weekly from one of our test accounts and just looked over the past 4 editions of the report and see no great difference in the page views metric.

It would be great to see more detail on your issue, I’m wondering if you could send me a direct message with screenshots of your report to analyse the difference?

I think that this topic can be closed. In fact it looks we had an important amount of dummy/bot connections. These connections were dealt with a security update that happened in may.
Thanks for your answer though, regards,


No worries! Thanks for following up here :slight_smile: