We are no longer running new relic, but site is flooded with pings form five of your servers every minute

Two weeks ago, our maintenance team removed two New relic scripts from our server. Since that day, our server has become unstable. We get pinged from two servers in america, one in Dublin, one in Tokyo and one in Singapore, and the all do that every single minute, which seems to be the cause of our instable server. All pings identify themselves as NewRelic Pinger. PLEAS STOP PINGING. The server is located at and


Hi there,

Looks like these IPs are coming from our availability monitor. I have looked up your email address and I can’t see an application on your account, can you confirm which New Relic account you had been reporting to until two weeks ago? Secondly, can you let me know the URL that is being pinged here?

If you’re not comfortable sharing the URL or Account details here that’s no problem, let me know and I can create a support ticket for you. :smile:

The guys running the (now deleted) scripts were from wecross.nl. I had access (some time ago) via my address wijbrand.schaap@cultureelpersbureau.nl, but when I use that now to log in, is see no apps linked to my address. Looks like they deleted the scrips without changing the app settings on your side in their account. The url of our site is “http://cultureelpersbureau.nl” I sincerly hope you can instruct your pingers to stop pinging us!

We are on https since a few moths. I see that the pingers from newrelic use our old http address.

@wijbrand.schaap Thanks for the extra info - I’m going to open up a support ticket to get this checked out for you.

You’ll receive email contact shortly! :e-mail:

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