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We are shutting down the Radar feed on Monday, August 19th, 2019



We are shutting down the Radar feed on Monday, August 19th, 2019

What is the Radar feed again?

A personalized feed about your software system. Visible on the navigation bar at the top of the New Relic UI.

Why is it going away?

While we recognize that the Radar feed may be helpful for some of you, we learnt in general that our users want something actionable in their existing workflows vs. staring in a feed.

As we listened to customer feedback, we realized that we could deliver against similar use cases that the feed served, but deliver it where are customers already are, inside their existing workflows.

What can we do now

The specific use case we’ve tackled is bringing the anomaly detection card that was part of the Radar feed into existing incident response workflows. We’ve done this with the incident context feature.

Incident context shows up in the PagerDuty, Slack, email, New Relic mobile and the New Relic Alerts overview page without any configuration or user actions needed.

We’ve received positive feedback on it, and we’d love for you to check it out. You can find out more here: Faster Orientation During Incidents with Incident Context

Does this mean New Relic isn’t investing in AI anymore?

The feed shutdown does not mean we aren’t investing in machine learning or in AIOps. In fact earlier this year, we invested significantly in this area with our SignifAI acquisition. You can learn more here: New Relic Has Acquired SignifAI to Advance AIOps

Here is an excerpts from that blogpost that show how we’re thinking about this space:

One of SignifAI’s early principles was the idea of a “Virtual SRE”—the ability to see and make sense of all your operational event data, from alerts to change events, regardless of source, and correlate them as a seasoned SRE would.

Please look out for more releases from the Applied Intelligence Team.


I used Seymour initially and radar a little. I found it useful for identifying agent upgrades on various servers and maintaining infrastructure in general.


Thanks for the feedback @jescott - Like Devin mentioned in the post above, we are still working on building out and improving AI tools, so we can get your feedback on the usefulness of Radar sent along.