What does "Network Failures - Request cancelled" mean?

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agent version 5.9.0

On new relic website, I selected Mobile – Newwork – HTTP requests – Sort by Requests per minute.

After that, I saw graphs on the right side. There was one called Network failures, in which there was a category called “Request cancelled”

what does that mean particularly in iOS? Did I cancel some network request operation in operation queue trigged that?

And how can I see which specific request would encounter “Request cancelled”? When I choose one in the list, there was no “Network failures” graph at all.

Hi @donggongfu Would you send a permalink of the app? So that I can try to see if I can find the domain where the “Request cancelled” happened. You can create a permalink to any page within the New Relic user interface by scrolling to the bottom and clicking ‘Permalink’ all the way on the right next to ‘Kiosk Mode.’ Copy and paste us this URL and it will show us the exact page and, most importantly, the same time period that you are observing.

Are you using SSL? I also find the similar network failures in the below posts that you can also refer to:


Thanks @xlu. I’ll check the links and then reply.

Just checking back with you, @donggongfu! Did you get a chance to check those links? If you have more questions for us, please feel free to reply to this thread! Thanks. :blush:

@donggongfu If you use Mobile Enterprise, and if you have one of our latest agents, you’ll be able to slice and dice your network failures in Insights (available with Mobile Enterprise!), and specifically to those with networkError like ‘%cancelled%’. In iOS, this shows up whenever your app stops a request because e.g. a user has moved on to a different screen and that previous request is no longer worth finishing. Here’s some more info with example queries: Relic Solution: Leveraging MobileRequest and MobileRequestError events for more effective alerts & troubleshooting . For our own mobile apps at New Relic, our iOS apps deliberately use this ‘cancel request’ functionality a lot in order to optimize app performance, so we tend to filter out those types of network failures for our dashboards and alerts. Hope this helps!

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