What query would I use to extract the frequency of unique users accessing a skill/app over 24 hrs

Hey there,

I’m looking to extract some data around how frequent users are accessing my skill/app throughout 24hrs.

I’ve scoured the web but can’t find anything to help.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


Hi, @Grant.Horner: By default, New Relic does not capture any personally-identifiable information (PII): no user names, email addresses, IP addresses, account numbers, etc., so it is not possible to get an accurate count of unique users.

If you are using New Relic Browser, however, New Relic does assign a random ID to each browser session. You may use the following query to get the number of unique session IDs for an application over the past 24 hours:

SELECT uniqueCount(session) 
FROM PageView 
WHERE appName = 'Your application' 
SINCE 1 day ago
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