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Where are the metrics for On-host integration for SNMP



I have setup some simple scalars with on-host integration with SNMP, but when I try to retrieve the metrics, they are no where to be found. Am I just overlooking something?

"event": { "device": "", "displayName": "", "entityGuid": "MTM0ODQzMXxJTkZSQXxOQXwyMDI4MTc1MTE0NzExNzIyNDk1", "entityId": "2028175114711722495", "entityKey": "", "entityName": "", "event_type": "NetworkSNMP", "externalKey": "", "name": "uptime", "timestamp": 1572640848000 }

Even using data explorer just shows this same data.

My snmp-metrics.yml file looks like this:


  • device:

    • name: uptime
      type: scalar
      event_type: NetworkSNMP
      • metric_name: sysUpTimeInstance
        oid: .
        metric_type: attribute


    • oid: .
      category: sysName
      name: sysName`



Thanks for reaching out.

Looking at your configuration I can see you are using NetworkSample as the event_type. As per th documentation ( this should be SNMPSample. Can you try this and test?

You should then be able to see metrics by running SELECT * FROM SNMPSample in insights



Thanks for the suggestion. I found out that scalars, they should be integers. When I switched over to that, the data was populated. “sysUpTimeInstance” is a timestamp and was not recognized by the snmp module.


Thanks for letting us know you got this figured out :smiley: