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Where can i see CPU utilization and Memory utilization


I am doing performance testing for APIs and soap services. I would like to know where can i check CPU utilization and memory utilization in new relic for that particular duration of the testing.


Hi there @Nandinidevi -

I understand that you want to drill down into CPU and Memory usage for a very specific time window. The good news is that New Relic has an amazing time picker feature that let’s you drill into specific time segments of charts throughout our New Relic products.

However, those are not metrics that can be used with the time picker in APM. If you want that kind of granularity, you’ll also need our Infrastructure product. You can dive deep in to all kinds of servers metrics there.


@Nandinidevi in NR APM on the “Overview” page towards the bottom you see a table with hostnames and their cpu and memory used BUT by only the application with the NRplugin. This is not the complete host memory usage or complete host cpu usage.
If you wan the OS metrics you will have to use the NR Infrastructure plugin as suggested by hross