Why can't Admin API key be used for Insights API?

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I’m trying to utilize the Insights API to fetch the transactions for a particular application from the Transaction table. I’m using the admin’s API key. However, I get an error in response as “{error: Invalid query key.}”. Do we really need to separate query API key to access the Insights API? Why can’t we use the Admin API key for the same?

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Here is the request that I tested:

curl -H “Accept: application/json” -H “X-Query-Key: admin_api_key_here” “https://insights-api.newrelic.com/v1/accounts/accnt#/query?nrql=SELECT+name+FROM+Transaction+WHERE+appname%3D’app_name’

Please let me know if something is wrong with this request.

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Hey @siddhant.agarwal - It is not currently possible to use any key other than the Insights Query API to get NRQL data - or the Insert API to send event data.

The idea is that you may have multiple services sending or querying data - while Admins can only have one API key each. There is no limit to the number of insert or query keys you can create, which you can label in order to identify what each key is doing.

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